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READY IN 40mts
PREP TIME 10 mins
COOK TIME 30 mts

Basbousa is a traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake that originated in Egypt, though also popular in other countries. It is made from a semolina batter in a pan, sweetened with sugar syrup, and typically cut into diamond shapes. 

There are many different recipes for this too. This recipe is by Mubasshira bhabhi who stays in USA . During my visit to her house in USA, she had made a lot of yummy snacks one of them was this , it was so good that I couldn't go ahead without asking her this recipe and she was kind enough to share it with me . Its super easy and super tasty.  Do try it and leave a feed back. 


  • Ingredients for baking;
  • Fine Sooji (semolina)- 2 cups InshaAllah try this & let me know how it comes out. Will send u the lemon cake recipe later.
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Milk powder 1 cup
  • Sunflower oil or any vegetable oil 1 cup
  • Water 1 cup
  • Desiccated coconut 1 cup
  • Baking powder 1 and 1/2 tsp
  • Ingredients for sugar syrup;
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Water 3/4cup


  • 1In a deep bowl mix all the ingredients for baking and transfer it to a baking tray level it well ( it would be better if you line up the tray with baking paper).Now arrange almonds on top in such a way that each piece which will be cut has a almond on top. Now with a help of a sharp knife give them diamonds or squares shape,this is just to make the cutting easy after its baked when it's a little hard.
  • 2Preheat the oven for 5 mts and bake it at 180 deg for 30 mts or till its sides have turned golden brown in colour.
  • 3Meanwhile in a saucepan prepare the sugar syrup. By adding sugar and water and boil it till sugar is fully melted . Dont cook more. Off the flame.
  • 4When the semolina cake is baked pour this syrup evenly all over the cake. Set it aside for an hour so that the syrup is well soaked. Cut it again and serve it.