Garlic bread

Garlic bread

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READY IN 20 mts
PREP TIME 10 mins

Garlic bread also called garlic toast consists of bread (usually a baguette ) topped with garlic and olive oil or butter and may include additional herbs which is then either grilled or toasted. Its a must for my kids when we enjoy our pizzas at pizza hut or when i make a hot piping soup. Do try my recipe and leave a feed back. 


  • 1 loaf of Italian or French bread
  • Garlic cloves grated 6
  • Fresh coriander leaves or parsley chopped 3 tbsp
  • Mint leaves finely chopped 3 tbsp
  • Butter 1/2cup
  • Olive oil 3 tbsp
  • Dried mix herbs 1 tsp( thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary1/4tsp each)
  • Red chilli flakes 1/2tsp
  • salt to taste


  • 1Keep butter in room temperature till its softened . Now add all the above ingredients and give it a good mix. Note; if you are using salted butter skip adding extra salt.
  • 2Now cut your bread loaf diagonally into 1 inch thick. Apply the prepared garlic butter on each slice on one side you can sprinkle mozzarella cheese too if you wish. Now on a baking tray spread baking sheet or foil and place these bread slices. Pre heat the oven 160 dec for 5 mts and place these bread slices for 5 to 8 mts till crisp. Enjoy them with a cup of hot piping soup.