Grape juice

Grape juice

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READY IN 15mts .plus cooling
SERVINGS 4 to 5 glasses

The purple-skinned Concord grape is the most common grape used for juice . In india we find the best grapes used particularly for juice ...these are highly nutritious and   have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so do keep them in your deit ...

Today i am making a yummy grape juice and will share a tip how to store these juice grapes when its in season and enjoy it  off season ...

Wash the grapes well by soaking them in salt water for a while rinse them well . Boil it with half a  cup water .. let it cool completely this stage you can store it in a zip lock or any other the freezer . You can go a step further if you want to strain it by grinding it. When ever u desire to drink it remove and thaw it for sometime and grind it with required amount of water and sugar ..if you haven't strained it  you need to do it now.  Enjoy and give a feed back 


  • Juicy grapes 600gms
  • 3tbsp sugar or more
  • Water


  • 1Wash the gapes well by soaking them in water for a while
  • 2Boil 3 cups of water and add the grapes and let it boil for 10 mts ..let it cool down completely
  • 3Grind it with the same water used for boiling with sugar ....if u feel its very thick add more water ..strain the juice to get rid of seeds and peel... serve it cold ..