Potato kheer

Potato kheer

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READY IN 30mts
PREP TIME 10 mins
COOK TIME 20 mts

Potato kheer is a simple and quick desert with very few easily available ingredients in your kitchen. Its a good source of protein for kids . Do try it and leave a comment 


  • 2 medium potatoes
  • Sugar 6tbsp
  • Condensed milk 4 tbsp
  • Saffron 1 big pinch
  • Cardamom powder 1/2tsp
  • 2 and half cups milk


  • 1Boil potatoes till fully cooked and grind them with half cup of milk to a fine paste.
  • 2Boil 2 cups of milk in a saucepan add sugar and saffron ,condensed milk ( if you dont have condensed milk uou can skip it and add more sugar ) and the potatoes paste. Mix them all very well so no lumps and formed . Bring the kheer to a boil . Sprinkle cardamom powder. And garnish with chopped nuts. Serve chilled. The kheer will thicken further when refrigerated .