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READY IN 2 hours
PREP TIME 45 minutes
COOK TIME 1 hour
Well this is a traditional African meal that has its roots in Zimbabwe with the Shona Tribe. Its a twist to the normal porridge known because instead of water you add pig melon known as 'ijodo' in my native language IsiNdebele. Sorry there was no picture of the after i so excited to eat i forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Next Time !!!!


  • 1 medium Wild melon or pig melon
  • 4 cups Mealie meal
  • 1/2 cup Brown sugar


  • 1Cut up the pig melon first into half then slice that half to crescent shapes. Peel the tough skin off and chop into rough cubes. Please remove as much of the seeds as possible.
  • 2Tip
    You can dry the seeds and plant them in the garden.
  • 3Add in a large pot then heat up to a boil. Whisk or blend if possible when the cubes start to soften and turn into a mash. This will take approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • 4Add your sugar and mix well
  • 5Whisk in your mealie meal slowly ensuring that its evenly distributed in. Thicken to a consistency of your choice but don't add over 5 cups. Try to break down as many of the lumps as possible. Simmer of 15-30 minutes at a low heat until cooked.( you shouldn't be able to taste the grainy mealie meal)
  • 6Serve hot or cold with Milk and sugar or as is.
  • 7Tip
    You can allow it to mature for 12-48 hours. It will become sweeter
    You can also freeze it for up to a week but when thawing a lot of water will form meaning less milk