Plantain pepper soup

Plantain pepper soup

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PREP TIME 30mins
COOK TIME 30mins
SERVINGS As many as possible

This is a traditional southern recipe. It's just refreshing especially as breakfast when you want a lazy day.


  • Plantain, catfish,water, fresh bell pepper(optional), ground dry pepper, iwo, omilo or African nutmeg, yanyan (meat looking spice)
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cube,scent leaf, bitter leaf
  • Mangrove salt( native salt), potash(ikanwu)


  • 1Wash catfish with salt and hot water to remove the slime
    Ground all spices together with the pepper
    Ground native salt
    Ground potash
    Rinse scent leaf and bitter leaf to prevent sand, this could be dry or fresh but for this recipe we will go dry
  • 2Place pot with water on the stove
    Peel plantain, shape and quantity as desired
    Allow the plantain to boil for five minutes , then add your ground spices and pepper
    Allow this to boil for about ten minutes
  • 3Add catfish, seasoning cube, salt , scent leaf , bitter leaf (2tablespoon)and allow to boil for five minutes
    Lastly, add ground native salt and potash
    Do not cover afterwards
    Allow to boil for another five minutes and food is ready
    P.S ; there are different methods to this, this works for me....