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READY IN 10 minutes
PREP TIME 30 minutes
COOK TIME 20 minutes

Ok, (sighs) this is my first attempt at blogging but i don't want to be overwhelmed by the tension, so I'm just going to be 'gisting' all the way.

This is eforiro, the 'vegetable' soup of the Yorubas (occupiers of the South West zone of Nigeria). Efo riro goes best with semo. and yeah, don't worry about the picture (lol, i'm still trying to boost my photography skills) but believe me, it tastes like ...yummy. there were witnesses to that fact!


  • Efo tete (it's a kind of African spinach)
  • iru woro(this is simply 'locust beans' but varied)
  • smoked titus, beef, cow skin or pomo (as much as you can consume #hehe)
  • fresh tomatoes and rodo (habanero)
  • crayfish
  • seasoning cubes, salt to taste, onion bulb
  • palm oil


  • 1blend tomatoes, rodo and onion into a paste and reduce
  • 2steam your protein (excluding the smoked fish of course)
  • 3pick the vegetables, shred and blanch (that is, let it stand in hot water for a few minutes, then rinse in cold water and squeeze.)
  • 4bleach palm oil in a hot pot, then add washed iru and crayfish
  • 5stir-fry tomato mix in the oil until it's, no, for real, you'll know when the surface of the tomato mix is shiny.
  • 6add meat, cow skin and fish. continue to stir... make sure you watch out for the liquid 'cause it is not supposed to be watery. (Season if necessary)
  • 7stir until it is well cooked before adding your blanched efo
  • 8allow to steam under low heat. serve with semo #yummy yum yum