Qamar el deen( apricot juice)

Qamar el deen( apricot juice)

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READY IN 30mins
PREP TIME 10mins

Come Ramadan and middle eastern markets are lit up with some prominent goodies. Like my son says, you know it’s Ramadan when you see bundles and bundles of these apricot paste sheets or Qamar el deen alongside Vimto bottle stacks in Hypermarkets even before you sight the crescent. Talking of crescent, Qamar el Deen means “Moon of religion” in Arabic. The making of these apricot paste leather sheets originated in Syria and later spread to other parts of Middle East and North Africa. Even to date the best Qamar el Deen is made in Syria.  Probably the sweltering summers gave birth to this unique way of preserving apricots so that they are available throughout the year to quench thirst in style. But why are they named so? Basically there are many anecdotes behind this unique name. One of them being the name of the person who invented this process. Story  has it that, this inventor was very handsome and was named after the moon and called Qamar el Deen, and later his invention was named after him. Another story states that these apricot paste sheets become available in the market with the sighting of the new moon of Ramadan, marking the beginning of the month of fasting. Thus they were named so. Either ways this sweet and tangy middle eastern juice has made its way to iftar tables around the globe. It is easy to make and refreshingly delicious. You can tear the sheet to small chunks and soak them overnight or just pour boiling water over them, cover and allow to stand for 20-30 mins. Blend it a smooth nectar with the soaking water along with sugar to taste. Stir in some lime juice along with orange juice or water. Add a dash of orange blossom syrup or rose water syrup(optional). Throw in some slices of lime. Add water to meet desired consistency if needed. Serve chilled.  Here is a video of this juice making.


  • Qamar el Deen- 200gms
  • Water- 2 cups(boiling water)
  • Sugar- 4tbsp
  • Orange blossom water or rose water- 1/4tsp (optional)
  • Lime juice- 1/4cup
  • Orange juice or water - 1cup.
  • Lime slices( for garnish)
  • Mint leaves( for garnish)
  • Ice cubes if desired


  • 1Cut the apricot paste sheet into small chunks and place in a mixing bowl. Add the boiling water, cover and let it stand for 20 mins.
    ( Note: You can soak the chunks in water and keep overnight and directly go to Step-2) or (you can boil the chunks in water until completely dissolved, allow mixture to cool and then go to Step-2)
  • 2Add sugar to the mixture and grind to a smooth nectar.
  • 3In a pitcher add ice cubes, mint leaves, lime slices, lime juice, 1/4tsp orange blossom water and orange juice or water.( go easy on the orange blossom water as it’s strong taste may go overboard.)
  • 4Pour the apricot nectar to the pitcher. Stir, check the consistency and add water or sugar if needed. Serve chilled. Enjoy.