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Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

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Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Photos are the essential finishing touch for a successful food blog. Followers can perceive more realistically how the foods you are describing will look and taste through your images. Even if you strive to always have the best tools available when preparing food, having the best camera is really not necessary to take great food photos. Instead, taking a little time to learn the capabilities of the equipment you do have can help you take professional quality pictures without the investment of time and money professional equipment will take. 

Find Your Perfect Setting

Ideally, this is going to be near a window or other source of natural light. Using the flash results in uneven lighting that will leave your photos looking harsh or blurred. For times when natural light is lacking, invest in a Lowel EGO light, or other similar product, to provide the perfect ambiance to food without the flash. If there is more natural light than you want, use sheer fabric or parchment paper to diffuse it. 

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Display the Food 

There is more to taking a good food photo than just getting a clear shot of the subject. Fill the entire frame with items that create a setting. Use utensils, herbs, or anything else that will enhance the appearance and/or theme of the food.

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Boost Resolution 

Micro-movements are all it takes to add blurriness to photos. A tripod, either real or created, can prevent the movement that will distort your subject. Most digital cameras have an image stabilization function to block the effects of accidental movement to give you added support. 

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers


One of the biggest mistakes amateur photographers make is to set a new camera on auto and let it make the decisions that determine photo quality. Even the simplest cameras have numerous shooting modes today and the setting you choose can make a world of difference. Take the time to try yours out and read the manual to get at least a basic understanding of what they do. Comparing the same shot taken in different modes will make it easier to say what it takes to really make photos pop!

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Try Different Angles

Experts recommend shooting food at a 30° angle, but that isn’t always the most interesting shot. For example, stacked foods like pancakes aren’t going to say a lot to the viewer when pictured from overhead. Picturing from the side with a shadow cast away from the light will add even more to the towering effect.

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Crop Carefully

Some cropping is almost always necessary since close-up photos aren’t as likely to be clear. Think carefully about what you want to leave in the photo for accent. Taking too much away will make it look chunky and “cut out”. 

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Eliminate Background Clutter

The focal point of your picture is the food. The cleaner you keep the backdrop, the easier it will be to pull the viewer’s eye in the right direction. 

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

Thanks to modern technology, getting professional results from photos doesn’t require the expertise of a real photographer or the expense of a high-end camera. With some practice, you can learn to take great shots of all kinds of foods and bring your creations to life!


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