Kheer kadam

Kheer kadam

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READY IN 90mins
PREP TIME 15mins
COOK TIME 50mins

In my hometown sweet dish is a part of our daily life. Occasion or no occasion,it is always present in our menu. We have different types of sweet dish mainly made with basic ingredient milk which provides ample of protien  mainly to our growing kids.

Todays recipe is Kheer Kadam which is a very special sweet dish from my hometown or the bengalis. 

Kheer kadam has two parts...the inner layer consisting of kheer or sweet filling 

And the outer layer which is soft and creamy .


  • 2 litres full fat milk. 1 lemon half teaspoon allpurpose flour
  • 3cups water, 3cups sugar, milk powder or dry khoya powder.


  • 1Boil 2litres of full fat milk. Separate chena or cheese using lemon. Remove all water using cotton cloth.

    For inner filling: Take 1/4 of cheese and mix it with ur palm, thoroughly into a smooth dough. Add half teaspoon of all purpose flour and again mix it into a smooth dough. Now make 10 equall portions and shape them into small round balls. In a pot make sugar syrup using 3cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. Once the syrup starts boiling add the cheese balls and boil for 15 minutes with the lid on ( on a medium flame). Then remove the lid and boil for another 20minutes. Small rasgullas are ready which will be the inner filling.
  • 2Outer layer: Take the remaining chena and mix it properly with your palm into a smooth dough. Add 1cup sugar or less (as per taste...outer layer should be less sweet than the inner filling) and mix it thoroughly. Keep a pan on a stove and put the sugar cheese mix with heat on. Keep the flame on medium to low ,to avoid getting burnt. Stir the mix thoroughly so that the sugar melts properly and also all the water gets dried up. Keeps stirring until all the water is dried up and the mix starts coming out cleanly on the spatula. Remove it from heat and let it cool down. Make 10 equal portions and put 1 rasgullas in each portions. Cover it properly and make into round balls without any cracks on. Sprinkle some khoya powder (or milk powder)on top. Kheer khadam is ready.