Its fava time

Its fava time

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READY IN 30 minutes
PREP TIME 10 minutes
COOK TIME 20 minutes

If you ever travel to Greece make sure when you visit a local taverna or restaurant to try a side dish called fava...and if you like it so much that you would like to make it at home I will give you all the necessary information to make this side dish unforgettable....fava is a dry lentil that comes from the island of Santirini, right in the middle on the Greek Aegean sea of the Mediterranean area and has been found to be around the island for more than 2500 we are eating a dish that has historical value and it is very healthy too....the dish is simple, but tasteful, and can be done easilly


  • 2 table spoons olive oil + 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
  • 150 gr dry shredded onions
  • 4 cherry tomatoes (Santorini islands ) for decoration
  • 6 cups of hot water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 180gr of dried fava seeds


  • 1Place the fava in a ball and wash many times with fresh water, until the water is clear, it is a good idea to rub the fava with your two hands so all the starchy powder gets out... when you have a clear water (usually it takes three to four rinses) let fava stand....
  • 2Place 4 cups of hot water on a pot and let it boiled, when bubbles appear, drain fava and add it to the boiling water, add the shreeded onions and let it boiled for about 20 minutes, when whole water is absorbed, and holes appear on top of the fava this is a sign that the fava is ready, if not then add extra hot water and let it cook longer.
  • 3when ready add the greek olive oil, with the lemon juice salt and serve...decorate this with cherry tomatoes and enjoy it....


Nutrition Facts

  • Calories
  • Total Fat
    15 g
  • Sodium
    3 mg
  • Carbs
    2 g
  • Fiber
    180 g
  • Protein
    00 g


Angela Katagida
25 July, 2016
And it's ouzo time ...
Melina Selalma
26 July, 2016
thank you, this is a very good idea