Bhapa Shondesh!!! Steamed cheese desert

Bhapa Shondesh!!! Steamed cheese desert

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READY IN 50mins
COOK TIME 45mins

Bhapa Shondesh!!!

We have double reason to pamper ourselves with some dessert . We got our Maruti.....hold on......Nina and Ninni got a cute little cousin brother...'.Maruti'..thats what his parents call him  untill a proper name is given. Also its Shosthi time more commonly known as 'jamai shoshthi'- Big celebration and feast day in my hometown .The day when all mothers performs blessing ceremony for her kids following different rituals and customs which ends with lot of homecooked delicious dishes. Officially we cannot perfom any Shoshthi ritual or any Puja( offerings to God) since we have a new born in the family untill 1month...thats our custom, but we can surely have some good food ,around such a happy time in the family. Along with other main course dishes, I thought of making bhapa/steamed of the most healthy desert with minimal amount of sugar in it, yet very tasty . Being a mom I always like to note that  health factor, as my kiddo 's sweet tooth is very active

My Nina loves it a lot and me too,specifically the fact that he is eating dessert which is super healthy. Lets get started with on of  calcium,  protien rich dessert recipe .Bhapa Shondesh!!!


  • 1litre whole milk, few saffron strands.
  • 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons vinegar
  • 1 cup water, 2teaspoons ghee/melted butter .


  • 1Boil milk and separate the cheese/paneer with vineger.Strain it and wash under cold running water. Keep the cheese/panner in a cloth and squeeze out all the water.
  • 2Take the cheese out in a big bowl and add the suger(powdered sugar is better) Mix well and add water. Put the mix in a mixie and make a smooth batter and the thickness should be like cake or dosa batter..Add more water if required.
  • 3Take a flat bottom steel or glass(oven safe) container. Grease it properly with ghee or melted butter. Pour the mix in the container ,garnish with saffron and steam it for 30 mins. After 30mins insert a toothpick and check if it comes out clean, else steam for some more time. Next keep the container in the refrigerator and Take out after 2hours. Now cut into desired shapes..
  • 4While steaming, make sure the set up is air tight. This can be done very easily too ,even if you don not have a proper steamer. Take a deep bottom vessel with a lid which covers it perfectly. Keep a steel stand inside and fill the vessel with water upto three fingers depth. Put the cheese/paneer mix container on the stand. Make sure water does not enter the mix container. Cover the vessel with the lid. These days most of the glass lids have a small whole on it which can be easily closed with a earbud.