Lebanese Barbeque Chicken

Lebanese Barbeque Chicken

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READY IN 45 Mins
PREP TIME Overnight
COOK TIME 40-45 mins

With the winter round the corner, Its time to get those outdoor grilling and barbeque equipments out. Come December and the smoky barbeque flavor lingers around every picnic spot here in U.A.E. Decided to skip my usual Spicy Indian Marinate this time as I just came across this Lebanese Barbeque Chicken.

Lebanese Cuisine is very close to my heart, be it the Kababs, breads, dips or desserts it has always left me asking for more...such... that I sometimes feel like a wanna be "Lebanese for food". Well so I end up trying anything labelled Lebanese. You will see more recipes coming up in my space. So stay tuned.

I came across this recipe in a magazine, gave it a try and with little changes made, little twists and turn and voila!

Nevertheless, learnt a new technique, of getting chicken decked up for a barbeque. "Spatchcocked Chicken"  Not sure about you, but atleast I had to learn this technique after I came across this recipe.

Here is the link, Do watch it, very easy and will definitely come handy this barbeque season. Special thanks to Chef John for sharing it on youtube.

Serve alongside, pickled vegetables, Khubbus(pita bread), Labneh, Hummus.

Look up the recipe for  Pumpkin Hummus here.


  • Black pepper-1tsp
  • Sumac-2 tsp
  • Cumin Powder-1 1/2 tsp


  • 1Spatchcock the chicken, wash and drain. Poke the chicken all over with a fork.(to enable marinade penetration).
  • 2Take a bowl, mix all the ingredients to Marinate. Rub the marinate mix evenly all over the chicken, cover with cling film and allow to marinate overnight.
  • 3Next day cook the chicken slowly over a low barbeque for 30 mins or at home in a flat pan for 40 mins, turning regularly until done.
  • 4If you wish to induce the smoked barbeque flavor in the chicken cooked at home, place a foil cup(foil sheet shaped like a cup) burn a cube of charcoal, place it in the foil cup, drop 1/2 tsp of butter/ghee. Immediately seal the chicken with a lid, allow the smoke to circulate for 5 mins. Yummy dish ready!
  • 5Serve alongside, pickled vegetables, Khubbus(pita bread), Labneh, Hummus. Look up the recipe for Pumpkin Hummus.