Mango Ice-box cake

Mango Ice-box cake

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READY IN 30m+chill overnight
PREP TIME 10 mins

This is an easy summer dessert, or cake if I may say. Only that this cake doesn't call for measurements, mixing and baking. This cake is popped in the fridge and not in the oven! The ice box cake consists of pretty much all the components a regular cake has, only that this is more easy and less time consuming. When I say "easy" you can watch how to make it on my 7 year old son's You Tube channel here. These cakes hail from the U.S where they got popular in the 1920s following the introduction of the Ice Box as a Kitchen appliance. Later on in the 1930s  refrigerators took over but the name Ice Box stuck through.

It is usually made by layering Graham crackers( I used regular tea biscuits) with fruits and sweetened whipped cream in a baking dish and allowed to sit in the refrigerator overnight to chill. The multiple cracker/biscuit layers soak up the moisture  from the cream and puff up, bringing out a cake like texture with the cream sandwiched in between. So there you go an easy cake with minimum ingredients, pops out from your fridge ready to be devoured. And yeah its eggless!! 

Once you get the hang of the basic idea behind it, you can create an Ice box cake with your favorite flavor and toppings! Enjoy!


  • Whipping cream- 400 ml
  • Condensed milk- 250 ml
  • Vanilla essence- 1 tsp
  • Graham Crackers ( I used Marie Tea biscuits)- for layering
  • Mangoes- 2-3 (ripe- sliced)


  • 1In a mixing bowl, pour the whipping cream and whip it until soft peaks form. Now gently pour the condensed milk and vanilla essence and whip it further till it gets incorporated. Keep it aside.
  • 2Take a dish and line it with butter paper, with some extra popping out of the dish( you can ignore the butter paper if you are serving the cake in the dish). Arrange the bottom neatly with the tea biscuits. Now layer it with the 1/3 Whipped- condensed milk cream (upto about 1/2 inch). Now arrange a layer of sliced mango followed by a layer of tea biscuits on top of it. Spread out second layer of cream evenly. Again repeat the mango slice layer topped with tea biscuits. Finally spread out the remaining cream to finish off. Decorate with the mango slices on top.( Cherries optional)
  • 3Alllow the cake to chill overnight in the refrigerator. You can pull out the cake from the dish with help of the butter paper. Cut out slices and serve chilled. Enjoy!