Sesame seed balls/Til kay ladoo

Sesame seed balls/Til kay ladoo

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READY IN 30 minutes
COOK TIME 20 mts
SERVINGS 15 ladoos


  • 150 gms white sesame seeds (1 cup )
  • 100 gms sticky jaggery ( 1/2 cup)
  • 2 tbsp ghee
  • Cardamom powder 1/4tsp


  • 1Dry roast the sesame seeds on a wide tawa till golden brown. It's a slow process . Make sure the sesame has enough space on the tawa so that all the seeds roast properly at the same time. Remove onto a large plate to cool.
    2. Add the powdered cardamom powder to the sesame and mix.
  • 2Before you start making the jaggery syrup keep a small bowl of water ready. This is to test the readiness/stickiness of the syrup.
    In a heavy non-stick saucepan heat the ghee and add the jaggery with 3 tbsp of water and melt it on a low heat till it begins to froth and the colour changes to dark brown. Put a drop of the syrup into the bowl and if settles at the bottom of the bowl like a blob without dissolving and hardens when you scoop it out of the water it is ready. (When the syrup is not ready it will dissolve in the water). When the syrup reaches this stage remove the saucepan from the heat immediately and add the sesame seed mixture and mix well.
  • 3Let the mixture cool for a couple of minutes but don’t delay too much. Apply a few drops of ghee to both your palms and start making small balls Without applying too much pressure roll to form smooth balls and keep aside on a plate to cool completely.
    5. Once the laddoos have cooled completely store them in an airtight container.