Ezekpo C.S Stephnie is a very young, vibrant and and Resourcesful teenager who is so enthusiastic about youths,kids,teenagers ,websurfing,descovering trending useful topics and converting them into books that will benefit the community.
I am one of a kind, so independent, brave,intelligent and smart.
I am a the CEO of Supremex hand crafted intiatives and a traning services, she had an award of recognition in the Belivers loveworld Teens science and art fair 2016, and other Awards and certificates also working with Wakanow flight booking agency as a Direct sales agent.
I started writing at a very early age of 8 , even when i was in primary school. I have written a lot of unpublished books,that will still be published soon.
My blog is all about knowing how to cook different meals, what each meals gives,what each meals contains... With different steps and procedure that I will be giving you.