Catfish pepper soup

Catfish pepper soup

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READY IN 30 minutes
PREP TIME 10 minutes
COOK TIME 20 minutes

Catfish pepper soup is a popular delicay in Nigeria, its normally served in restaurant and bars. Its prepared on order.


  • Catfish 600g
  • a few of Scent leaf
  • ehu (calabash nutmeg)
  • Crayfish ( 3tablespoonful)
  • Habanero pepper , salt ( to taste)
  • Seasoning (2 stock cubes)


  • 1Boil water for the preparation of the fish, then cut the fish into desired slices. Pour the hot water on the fish and remove immediately. This is done to toughen the skin of the fish.
  • 2Roast the calabash nutmeg by frying in a pan until you perceive the aroma, the aroma of this ingredient makes the soup special, you can say its what makes it the peppered soup.
  • 3Grind the prepared ehu seed in a dry mill after peeling of the outer membrane.
  • 4Pick, wash and cut the scent leaves into pieces.
  • 5Put the fish in a pot, add the stock cubes and just enough water to cover the fish .
  • 6When it boils, add the habanero pepper, crayfish, and the scent leaf and continue with the cooking.
  • 7Add salt to the catfish when the its done, cook for few minutes and its ready.
  • 8Serve with boiled yam, Rice or Agidi
    ( corn flour jello)

    You can still enjoy it alone and its eaten while hot.