Peach, Prosciutto & Chicken Kabobs

Peach, Prosciutto & Chicken Kabobs

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READY IN 35 mins
PREP TIME 20 mins
COOK TIME 15 mins
SERVINGS 10 kabobs

One of my all-time favorite combinations is of peaches and chicken. To make it just a tad bit fancier I add prosciutto as well to this Kabob recipe. 

I normally sew the chicken and peach pieces onto wooden skewers, but to make your work easier soak your skewers in water for at least 30 minutes. Marinade your chicken in the spices and let it rest overnight for BEST results.

Whenever you want to serve the kabobs thread the chicken, onions, peaches and prosciutto onto your skewers and cook them on high flame over your grill, just to give it a nice glaze. Preheat your over to 400 degrees because that’s where the real cooking will happen.

If you want you could make a sauce to go with it, but I personally enjoy the chicken with the juicy-ness of the peaches, and the glaze that you will get from the marinade. 


  • 2 T za'atar spice
  • 1 t Spanish smoked paprika
  • 1 t ground cumin
  • 1 t kosher salt
  • ½ t ground pepper
  • ¾ cup olive oil
  • 2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breast or thighs, chopped into 1½
  • 1 red onion, cut into 1½
  • ⅓ pound prosciutto, thinly sliced
  • 3 medium peaches, cut into 1½
  • Fresh thyme for garnish


  • 1If using wooden skewers, soak the skewers for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • 2Combine the first 6 ingredients in a plastic bag, or if you prefer, a medium-sized glass bowl. Add the chicken to the marinade and let rest for 1 hour to overnight.
  • 3Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Thread the chicken, onions and peaches on the skewers weaving strips of prosciutto between each piece.
  • 4Sear the kabobs over medium high heat on the grill or in a grill pan on the stove top, turning every couple minutes to sear all four sides of the kabobs.
  • 5Put the seared kabobs in the hot oven and cook for 8 minutes, until chicken is cooked all the way through. Plate and garnish with thyme.