Okro soup

Okro soup

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READY IN 40minutes
PREP TIME 10minutes
COOK TIME 30minutes

Okro soup is one of the easiest nigerian soups,its quick to prepare and once your done cutting the vegetables, the soup is ready in no time


  • Okro 200g
  • Beef
  • Fish(Titus/mackerel, dry fish and stock fish)
  • Prawns(optional)
  • Red oil(palm oil) 2 cooking spoon
  • pepper
  • onion (one medium size)
  • Pumkin or spinach
  • Crayfish
  • Salt and seasoning


  • 1An hour before preparation of soup, boil the stock fish and the dry fish for 20mins and leave to soak for some time.
  • 2Grate the okra fingers, you can cut but i prefer the grating because the tinnier the cut the more it will draw.
  • 3If you prefer the pumkin , wash and cut into tiny pieces, for places you can only get spinach, defroze and cut into pieces
  • 4Ground the crayfish and pepper
  • 5Add the beef, onion and the seasonings to the stockfish and cook till done.
  • 6Add the red oil and melt if its congealed,start frying the grate okra to start the drawing process, add meat stock bit by bit and make sure this frying do not exceed 5mins to avoid over cooking the okra.
  • 7Add the vegetables, crayfish, pepper, the cooked meat and stockfish , salt to taste. Then stir very well .Cover the put and leave to cook for few minutes and its ready
  • 8You can serve with cassava fufu, pounded yam, or semolina