My Favourite Avocado Salad

My Favourite Avocado Salad

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READY IN 15min
PREP TIME 15 min

This is the best salad I have ever made. I love preparing this tasty and healthy salad every time. Anyone can prepare this at home. No special chopper, no mixer grinder, no gas, it can be prepared anytime, anywhere. Even no cooking gas is even required. I am talking about my favorite avocado salad that is so nutritious and healthy.

I always love avocado because of its nutritious properties. It is rich in Vitamin K, C, B, E, A etc and without cholesterol. Avocado is loaded with Monounsaturated Fatty Acids that is good for heart health. It lowers down the cholesterol level, helps to prevent cancer and rich in antioxidants etc. Above all, it is tasty.

My Favourite Avocado Salad

The recipe that I am going to share is very healthy and tasty too. It is fresh and helps you to get antioxidants rich diet. I love this recipe as it is a part of my diet. This recipe is refreshing and gives you lot of energy for daily work. If you are a fitness freak, then this recipe is not less than a blessing for you. 

There is no need to get heavy kitchen appliances. You just need a bowl and a tossing spoon. It looks like a colorful mountain. I would suggest not to store rather you should serve this fresh, straight to your plate and relish your mouth with sweet, sour and salty salad.

I find this Avocado Salad really healthy and tasty with many health benefits. You should add it to your diet if you really want to live a healthy life.


  • 1 avocado
  • 150g tomatoes
  • 100g mozzarella cheese
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 tbsp dried kale
  • 1 tbsp dried cilandro
  • 20 walnuts
  • Olive oil
  • Half lemon
  • Salt, peper and smoked paprika


  • 1First, chopped avocado, tomatoes, onion and walnuts.

  • 2Take a salad bowl and add chopped avocado, tomatoes, onion and walnut.

  • 3Now, add mozzarella cheese over it.

  • 4Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, dried herbs and smoked paprika.

  • 5Toss all of them in the Salad bowl with the help of a tossing spoon. 

  • 6Serve this delicious mouth watering recipe on your plate and topped with a few baby greens.



Ema Pirciu
08 June, 2016
I've tried it this evening. I've added almonds and macadamia nuts, because there weren't enough walnuts in my kitchen. My boys loved it. Thanks.
Dovile Diofky
23 June, 2016
Awesome! I'm glad that you enjoyed it ;)
Mindaugas Zickevicius
06 May, 2016